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NC tour A Canadian who lives in North Carolina, choreographer-on-the-rise Helen Simoneau is using her newest evening-length work, Caribou, to take a closer look at heritage, assimilation and identity. She studies these ideas through the iconic caribou—an enormously antlered animal beloved by our friends to the nort.

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AZNAVOUR: journey through time and music

Duration1 hour

This concert performance is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Charles Aznavour.
Based on the memoirs of Charles Aznavour “La Bohème. The Passing Days”.

This concert performance explores the challenging journey of pursuing dreams, experiencing falls and rises, courage and success. During this heartfelt evening, we will enjoy the songs of the legendary Armenian and get acquainted with the most memorable and significant episodes of his life.



Scotch & Whiskey /Film/


DOP: Suren Tadevosyan
Mikael Arutyunyan
Mikael Pogosov
“Berg Sound” Production


Sos Janibekyan, Louisa Nersisyan, Rafael Yeranosyan, Arpi Gabrielyan, Vigen Stepanyan, Sergey Danielyan, Andranik Arutyunyan, Grisha Agahanyan, Irina Danielyan, and others.


The aggressive charms of women against betrayal, lies, and broken feelings.

Anniversary client /Film/


Cinematographer: Suren Tadevosyan
Production Designer:  Rafayel Khachaturyan
Composer:  Hayko
Producer: Arshaluys Harutyunyan
Production: “ERKAT” Production with the support of the National Cinema Center of Armenia.


Luiзa Nersisyan and David Katsarava (Georgia).


Ara Yernjakyan
Scriptwriter and Director

“Anniversary Client” is a beautiful love story that immerses viewers in a world of tense relationships and unexpected twists of fate. At the heart of the plot is the story of a man and a woman whose paths cross under extreme pressure and in a heated atmosphere, where every moment tests their feelings and decisions for strength.
Their interaction begins as a usual flirtation, but gradually becomes more complex and nuanced, resulting in an unusual and intriguing outcome. Random meetings and coincidences play a decisive role, unexpectedly changing the trajectories of their lives and bringing bright colors to their daily routine.
The film “Anniversary Client” explores the fine aspects of the relationship between a man and a woman, masterfully showing how love and disappointment, happiness, and regret can coexist and intertwine, leaving behind a complex kaleidoscope of emotions. Viewers will witness unexpected flashes of passion and conflicts, which will make them think about the value of moments and the possibility of finding happiness in the most unexpected circumstances.
“Anniversary Client” is not just a film, but a journey through a world of emotions, trials, and discoveries that will leave no viewer indifferent. 

The movie was presented:

  • “Golden Apricot” 9th Yerevan International Film Festival
  • 6th Pomegranate Film Festival POM VI
  • 13th Tbilisi International Film Festival

The Penguins

Duration1 hour 10 minute

The play “The Penguins” will give children the opportunity to observe events from the perspective of penguins. It combines themes of friendship and closeness, repentance and redemption, expressed in simple and understandable language. Audiences will see how three amusing penguins overcome obstacles during the performance. Nevertheless, young viewers will learn about the importance of offering help and loyalty from the very first moments upon entering the hall.



Sassoon David Copperfield

Duration 1 hour 40 minute2 hour 10 minute

Now imagine you’re finally having a chance to become a part of the worldwide magician David Copperfield’s Armenian tour.
Everything is excellent, the tricks are magnificent and surprising, but because of two Armenian spectators, the talk is interrupted.
In this seemingly infinite universe, an unimaginable love story unfolds, one that defies all expectations and surpasses even the boundaries of reality and language.


Ara Yernjakyan 
Dramaturg and Director
Vahe Grigoryan
Musical arrangement


Zhanna Kocharyan

Date of Birth14․05․2001
Place of Birthc. Abovyan
EducationYerevan Regional State College No. 1, Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema, workshop of Satenik Matevosyan

Actress Zhanna Kocharyan began her career with student performances. She played roles in plays such as “Little People,” “Lead Rings,” and also portrayed the main heroine in the play “The Little Mermaid” at the Yerevan State Youth Theatre. Her entry into the Chamber theatre was marked by the play “Hamlet,” where she initially played a court lady and later the role of Ophelia.


Manuk Hakhverdyan

Date of Birth01․07․1963
Place of BirthTehran, Iran
2nd Prize, Republican Festival “Humor and Satire”,
2011 – Honorary Diploma from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia on the occasion of the “20th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Armenia.”

Manuk Hakhverdyan began his acting career at the Ashtarak Dramatic Theatre. He has been a member of the Chamber Theatre since 2002. His entry into the theatre was marked by the performance “Miss Armenia.” He has also played roles in several other productions, including “Titanic, made in Armenia,” “Nero,” “Miss Hell,” “Sassoon David Copperfield,” “Etude on Women,” “Every Day is New Year,” “Cabaret,” “Government Concert,” “To Arms,” “Albania+,” “Very Love Story,” and others. He appeared in the artistic film “Jeanne” directed by Ara Yernjakyan.
Manuk Hakhverdyan was one of the main actors in the program “Pahmtotsi” on the second Armenian television channel. He has acted in films such as “Our Yard,” “Choice,” “Symphony of Silence,” “Mr. Martiros,” “Sniper,” “Virtuoso,” and others.
He is a member of the Union of Theatre Workers of Armenia.


Narek Aleksanyan

Date of Birt19․07․1994
Place of Birthc. Goris
EducationYerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography, workshop of Yuri Kostanyan

Narek Aleksanyan made his first professional stage appearance in the puppet play “Winged” at the Puppet theatre in 2014.
In 2016, as his diploma project at the Puppet theatre, he presented the plastic performance “The Best of Shakespeare.” That same year, along with the “Mihr” troupe, he performed in the dance play “Fortress” in Iran. Together with student friends, he directed the experimental play “The City Where I Am” by I. Vyrypaev. He played a role in the biographical experimental play “Bukovsky” by Marika Dovlatbekyan.
He joined the Chamber Theatre in 2021 with the play “Caesar’s Feast.”
Narek Aleksanyan is also involved in the repertoire plays of the theatre, including “Hamlet,” “Romeo & Juliet,” “B14/27,” and “It doesn’t matter with whom.”
He has appeared in TV series such as “Sharpshooter 2,” “Our Yard 25 Years Later,” “Honorable Beggars,” as well as in the artistic film “Jeanne” directed by Ara Yernjakyan and in short films like “Beyond the Threshold,” “Upside Down,” “Next Stop – Paradise,” “Innocent,” “The Hours of Your Life.” He also participated in the “Teletheatre” project on the First Channel. Narek Aleksanyan hosts his own authorial “Rap.Doc.”


Mher Alabegyan

Date of Birth27․05․1996
Place of Birthc. Charentsavan
EducationYerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography, workshops of Ara Yernjakyan, David Hakobyan, Ara Gasparyan

Mher Alabegyan joined the Chamber Theatre in 2018 with the play “Romeo & Juliet,” portraying the character of Paris. Since 2021, he has been playing the role of Tybalt.
Mher also performs as Diogenes in the play “Caesar’s Feast” and as Fortinbras in “Hamlet.” He has also appeared in the play “40 Days on Mount Musa” at the National Academic Theatre named after G.Sundukyan. He participated in the National academic drama theatre by G.Sundukyan in the performance “40 Days on Mount Musa”. Mher studied in the departments of off-screen and dubbing sound at the “Media Academy” of Public Television. Currently, he works as a voice actor at Public Television.
Mher Alabegyan has appeared in the TV series “Meeting Place.”


Ermina Zakharova

Date of Birth12․09․1997
Place of BirthYerevan
EducationYerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema, workshop of Grachi Gasparian

Actress Ermina Zakharova made her debut on the stage of the Chamber Theatre in 2021 with the play “Hamlet.” Following that, Ermina Zakharova also began performing in the play “Romeo & Juliet.” Currently, she is involved in productions such as “Fe-Show,” “B14/27,” and “Love Like in the Movies,” where her character plays a key role. Ermina’s first major and leading role at the Chamber Theatre was the character Jill Tanner in the legendary play “It doesn’t matter with whom”.
The short film “Emma,” featuring Ermina Zakharova, was recognized as the “Best Film of the Year” at film festivals in Tokyo and India, and it also received the “Jury Prize” in Moscow.
She has also appeared in TV series such as “Golden School,” “Age of Love,” “The Last Teacher,” “Snow Maiden,” “Poisonous Love,” and “Rose of Shiraz.”