Anniversary client /Film/


Cinematographer: Suren Tadevosyan
Production Designer:  Rafayel Khachaturyan
Composer:  Hayko
Producer: Arshaluys Harutyunyan
Production: “ERKAT” Production with the support of the National Cinema Center of Armenia.


Luiзa Nersisyan and David Katsarava (Georgia).


Ara Yernjakyan
Scriptwriter and Director

“Anniversary Client” is a beautiful love story that immerses viewers in a world of tense relationships and unexpected twists of fate. At the heart of the plot is the story of a man and a woman whose paths cross under extreme pressure and in a heated atmosphere, where every moment tests their feelings and decisions for strength.
Their interaction begins as a usual flirtation, but gradually becomes more complex and nuanced, resulting in an unusual and intriguing outcome. Random meetings and coincidences play a decisive role, unexpectedly changing the trajectories of their lives and bringing bright colors to their daily routine.
The film “Anniversary Client” explores the fine aspects of the relationship between a man and a woman, masterfully showing how love and disappointment, happiness, and regret can coexist and intertwine, leaving behind a complex kaleidoscope of emotions. Viewers will witness unexpected flashes of passion and conflicts, which will make them think about the value of moments and the possibility of finding happiness in the most unexpected circumstances.
“Anniversary Client” is not just a film, but a journey through a world of emotions, trials, and discoveries that will leave no viewer indifferent. 

The movie was presented:

  • “Golden Apricot” 9th Yerevan International Film Festival
  • 6th Pomegranate Film Festival POM VI
  • 13th Tbilisi International Film Festival