Eva Khachatryan

Date of Birth13․12․1990
Place of BirthYerevan
EducationYerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema, workshop of Armen Elbakyan
2018 – Honorary diploma from the Mayor of Yerevan,
2022 – “Best Female Role” at the “Artavazd Award” ceremony.

Actress Eva Khachatryan began participating in repertoire performances at the Yerevan State Puppet Theatre from her first year, including “Playing Tumanyan,” “Pakhtasar Aghbar,” “Various Games of Love,” “Romeo and Juliet,” and others.
Since 2013, she has been an actress at the Yerevan State Chamber Theatre, entering the theatre with the play “Albania+.” Eva Khachatryan has then played in a series of vibrant and impressive productions, such as “Magical Ball,” “Cabaret,” “Government Concert,” “Anter Ground,” “Cabaret Restart,” “Scotch and Whiskey,” “No Man, No Problem,” “Black Box,” “Show #3,” “Romeo & Juliet,” “5+1 Love Story,” “Behind the Scenes, or the Anatomy of the theatre,” “B14/27,” “Fe-Show,” and more.
Eva Khachatryan has also performed in improvisational plays like “+-” and “Save Million.” She has appeared in various TV projects, series, films, and music videos, including “Money Needed,” “Brothers,” “Mom,” “Crossing Traces,” “Guardian of Light,” “Hunger Games,” “Full House,” “Poker.am,” “North-South,” “Carte Blanche,” “Fathers,” “Black Mines,” “Station,” “More Honor,” “Beautiful Son,” “Super Mom 2,” “Zhirayr Glents,” “Heroic Novellas,” “Death Squad,” “Bloody Bets,” “Mechanics of Happiness,” “Landing,” and more.
Eva Khachatryan has also participated in the First Channel’s TV project “Sea in Armenian.”