Vahe Ziroyan

Date of Birth03․12․1990
Place of BirthYerevan
EducationDepartments of Dhol and Piano at the Avet Terteryan School of Music
2017 – Honorary Diploma from the Ministry of Culture of Armenia,
2022 – Honorary Diploma from the Mayor of Yerevan. 

Vahe Ziroyan’s creative journey began in 2009 when he joined the Club of Funny and Inventive (KVN), and after successful performances, he received an invitation to collaborate with the “32 Teeth” club.
In 2013, Ziroyan joined the Chamber Theatre as an actor. He has performed in various productions, including “Magic Ball,” “Cabaret,” “Linsi Show Program” (“Albania+”), “Government Concert,” “White Storks,” “Love Confession,” “Armmageddon,” “Show #3,” “Romeo & Juliet,” “Cabaret Restart,” “Hamlet,” “Wanted: A Man,” “Fe-Show,” “B-14/27,” and more.
His debut in cinema took place in the feature film “It’s Me.” He later appeared in films such as Ara Ernjakyan’s “Zhanna,” Roman Musheghyan’s “Trap,” and Arshalyus Harutyunyan’s “Our Yard 25 Years Later.”
Ziroyan has also been featured in TV series like “Someone Else’s Soul,” “Purgatory,” “Red Hill,” “If I Find You,” “Countdown,” “Together,” “Fathers,” “Until Tomorrow,” “Live with Me,” and the music video “Inside My Head” by Garik Papoyan. Alongside Hasmik Danielyan, he implemented the project “H&Z.”
He participated in sitcoms like “Stone Pain,” “Why Womens,” “Plan B,” “+-23,” and in plays such as “Family Without a Roof,” “Hotel California,” “Boomerang,” and “Kin-Code.” Ziroyan also took part in the TV project “Women’s Club” and served as a jury member in the “League of Humor 4” project.
In 2014, Ziroyan participated in the musical project “The Voice of Armenia,” reaching the “knockout stage” thanks to his vocal talents.