Black Box


Luiza Nersisyan
Eva Khachatryan
Mika Vatinyan
Lily Elbakyan
Zhora Hovhannisyan
Arthur Manukyan
Senik Barseghyan
Armine Nazari-Dekhnavi

The play is based on the story of one evening when 7 friends gather for a pleasant and harmless dinner.
How familiar is it for us to sit at the table with friends and talk about everything, occasionally glancing at the beautiful view from the window?Delicious dishes, wine, and, of course, the discussion of the most delicate topics over the refreshment of dishes.
Sharp jokes, escalating dramatic conflict, purposeful reflections, and a series of new, unimaginable plot twists will not allow the audience to be distracted for a second.
The play “Black Box,” starting as a typical comedy about the nuances of friendship and family relationships, suddenly turns into an outrageous situation where an ordinary cell phone and, seemingly, an innocent game can become truly destructive, revealing a multitude of hidden secrets.