Under Ground

Author and director of the play – Ara Yernjakyan.

First played on 22.04.1998 in Yerevan.

Reconstructed performance on 14.03.2014 in Yerevan.

Director of the play – Lusine Yernjakyan.

There is a Festival in our town…  Fireworks, loud festive music, beautiful youth…  And yet something is wrong …

Yerevan… Our favourite pink city coming from time immemorial – all this today is more like deja vu …

How we managed to  destroy it, doing nothing?  ! That’s it, doing nothing, there was enough our indifference. 

But all is not lost if from under the very loud and festive music from a desire to have fun always and at any cost, inevitably breaks the voice of our conscience, forcing wake up, or… 


This performance is dedicated to our dear city made of tuff.
It is an attempt of analysis of the experience of life, and the analysis is done optimistically and hopefully.
Social and political context of the scenes is interrupted by musical performances, dance, parade, fireworks, guests and observers from abroad.
The performance “Under Ground” is one of the pages of Yerevan’s biography.


USA, Los Angeles.

20.11.2014 – As part of the 34th of the International Theatre Institute World Congress (UNESCO), held in Yerevan, Chamber Theater presented the play “Anter Ground” (author of the play – Ara Yernjakyan, director – Lusine Yernjakyan).


The performance “Under Ground” is a proof of impeccable taste and common sense. This is A. Yernjakyan’s another attempt to analyze the life in a stagnant swamp, where it seems as though something is starting to move and change. And by the way he makes this analysis great kindness and optimism. ”
S. Meloyan, “Respublika Armenia”, 1998

“The name of the performance by itself already gives us a cause to think. The goal of the Chamber Theatre is to prolong that reflection till the end of the performance, and, why not, outside of the theatre, at home, at work … And this is possible only when the question set in a simple, understandable, and descriptive manner. If you call things by their names, we can say that “Under Ground” sates that we are not yet even at the level of “homo sapiens” this is proven by our lifestyle which also includes the elections.”
A. Gevorgian, “Chamber Theatre, a unique quality”, “Armenian World,” 1998