Rafayel Yeranosyan

Date of Birth25․07․1981
Place of BirthArmavir Marz, Lenughi
EducationActor's Studio at the ``Hayfilm`` film studio
2011 – Letter of Appreciation from the Ministry of Culture of Armenia,
2015 – Commemorative Medal and Certificate from Grigor Narekatsi of the Ministry of Culture of Armenia,
Certificate from the Police “PN Token of Honor.” 

Rafayel Yeranosyan’s involvement in the Chamber Theatre began in a classic scenario, initially as a stage worker. Then, concurrently with completing the acting studio at the “Hayfilm” film studio, he became engaged in theatrical plays such as “Cabaret,” “Sassoon David Copperfield,” “Linsi Show Program” (“Albania+”), “Government Concert,” “Nazar, Nazar till the End,” “Armmageddon,” “Every Day is New Year,” “Call of the Fireflies,” “Gentlemen, Everything is Falling Apart, but You Can Still Live and Have Fun,” “Very Love Story,” “To Arms,” “Amnesia,” “White Storks,” “Scotch and Whiskey,” “Confession of Love,” “Men Cross Borders, or an Etude About Women,” “Birth Certificate,” and others.
More renowned for his humorous characters, Rafayel Yeranosyan has also participated in several improvisational plays such as “Stop,” “OK,” “No Comment,” “7 and a Half,” “Glamorous Shepherds,” “My Wife’s Name is Maurice,” “Don Juans in Marseille,” “Hotel California,” and others. In recent years, Rafayel Yeranosyan has ventured into stand-up comedy, presenting humorous monologues like “Traffic” and “Evolution” during tours in Europe, the USA, and Russia.
From 2007 to 2010, he starred in “Kargin’s Program,” from 2010 to 2013 in the “Kargin Serial,” and in 2013 in comedy projects and music videos for “No Comment.” Rafayel Yeranosyan hosted programs such as “Good Morning” and “Who Are They” on radio and television.
The actor has appeared in feature films and various TV projects such as “Priestess,” “Alabalanitsa,” “Super Mom 1, 2,” “Poker.am,” “Good Episode,” “Scotch and Whiskey,” “Zhanna,” “Fathers,” “Caligula,” “In Camp,” sitcoms like “Honest Thieves,” “Women in Black,” “Respected Beggars,” “Our Yard 25 Years Later,” as well as “Kargin Program,” “32 Zuba,” “Married League,” and “Stone Sorrow.”
Rafayel Yeranosyan also presents his own projects like “Slave Isaura,” “MikRafon,” “Evening in Shant,” “Deputy Show Project,” and “The Rafik Show.”
Additionally, Rafayel Yeranosyan is involved in charitable activities, supporting orphanages and children with autism.