Luiza Nersisyan

Date of Birth23․07․1977
Place of BirthYerevan
EducationYerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema, workshop of Akop Kazanchyan
2007 – Armenian Award “Best Actress”,
2013 – Letter of appreciation from the Chairman of the National Assembly of RA,
2013 – Annual National Film Award “Ayak” in the category “Best Actress”,
2015 – Best Female Role at the “Artavazd” Award ceremony,
2019 – Gold Medal from the Ministry of Culture of RA. 

Luiza Nersisyan’s acting career began during her school years when she attended the puppet theatre under the direction of Satenik Topuzyan. There, she played her first roles in performances such as “Anush” and “Carmen.”
During her student years, she hosted “Musical Mailbox” on the “H1” TV channel and participated in the show “Pahmtotsi+” on the “H2” channel.
In the late 1990s to the 2000s, she worked as an actress at the Yerevan State Chamber Theatre for Young Audiences.
She has been a member of the Yerevan Chamber Theatre since 2000 and, in 2001-2003, served as a compiler and coordinator of the “Erkat” gallery at the Yerevan State Chamber Theatre.
In 2002-2003, she hosted several TV programs, including “ErKat TV” and “Jan TV.”
Luiza Nersisyan has participated in numerous international and republican theatre festivals as part of the Yerevan Chamber Theatre. She has also been a member of the festival juries.
On the stage of the Yerevan Chamber Theatre, Luiza Nersisyan has created vivid and impressive characters in productions such as “Sasun David Copperfield,” “Cabaret,” “Miss Armenia, Godless Comedy,” “Albania+,” “Government Concert,” “Etude About Women,” “Armmagedon,” “Calling Fireflies,” “To Arms,” “Neron,” “Who Cares With Whom,” “Amnesia,” “Gentlemen, Everything Is Falling Apart, but We Can Still Live and Have Fun,” “Wanted: A Man,” “Scotch and Whiskey.” She also played in the performances “Opera, Opera” by Samson Stepanyan, “Rusty Key,” “No Comment” by Arthur Saakyan, “Don Juan Avia,” “Antigone,” “Hotel California,” “Boomerang” by Narek Duryan, and “Look Into My Eyes” directed by Vahe Pirhamze in the USA.
Luiza Nersisyan has appeared in the TV series “Love and Pepper” directed by Ara Ernjakyan, the feature film “Jubilee Client,” the full-length feature film “Zhanna” directed by Arshaluys Arutyunyan, as well as in “Our Yard 3” by Grant Movsisyan, “Metamorphosis” by Ruben Kocharyan, “Taxi Eli Lava” by Vaan Khachatryan, “Three Friends” by Gracho Keshishyan, “Grandpa 005” by Mger Mkrtchyan, “Pocker.am” and “Game of Chess” by David Babakhanyan, “Love Coefficient” by Arman Marutyan, “Tangerine” by Sean Baker (USA), “The Last Magician” by Akaki Sahelashvili, “Without Borders” by Rezo Gigineishvili, “With Family” by Grachya Zakaryan, “Chambermaid” by Arutyun Shatyan, “Life and Struggle” by Mger Mkrtchyan, “Three Weeks in Yerevan” by Vahé Pirhamze, “Erken Night” by Edgar Baghdasaryan, “Poly” by Artem Arutyunyan, “Women in Black” by Gora Kirakosyan. The actress also had roles in TV series such as “The League of Married Women,” “Love Coefficient,” “Acquired Happiness,” “Love Growth,” “Restart 2020,” “Surprise,” “+-23,” “Lost Diary,” and in the TV project Women’s Club.
Luiza Nersisyan is a member of the Union of Theatre Workers of Armenia.