“YERKAT” Production 

Scriptwriter and director – Ara Yernjakyan

Production design – Rafael Khachaturyan

Camera – Hakob Karanfilyan


Ani Grigoryan

Andranik Harutyunyan

Rafael Yeranosyan

Senik Barseghyan

Mkhitar Avetisyan

Luiza Nersisyan

Irina Danielyan

Arsen Grigoryan

Sergey Danielyan

Manuk Hakhverdyan

Richard Madlenyan

“Jeanne” the most chauvinistic comedy of Armenian cinematography, where talking openly about the moral image of Armenians, which are far higher than the value system of many newly European nations.

The film is a kind of advertising Armenian men, which, unfortunately, is dying out like a dinosaur.

And this is a serious threat, not only for Armenia, but also for the whole world.


This famous story took place almost 600 years ago. France was at war with Britain and one day  a brave woman named Jeanne led the French army and liberated the city of Orleans from the British. In honor of this victory, she  was called the Virgin of Orleans. 

2 years later she was accused of witchcraft and on May 30 1431 burned at the stake. 

Eventually, over the centuries the story has acquired all sorts of legends and fabrications. 

Today we offer you a new version.


11.06.2014 – 01.07.2014 – Shooting of the film “Jeanne”. Scriptwriter and director – Ara Yernjakyan.

26.02.2015 – The premiere of the feature film “Jeanne” was held at the “Moscow” cinema. Scriptwriter and film director – Ara Yernjakyan.