A Man is Required

Original “Jan & Beatrice” by Carol Freshett.

Director of the play – Lusine Yernjakyan.

The play opened on February 22, 2008 in Yerevan.

Cast: Luiza Nersisyan, Arshaluis Harutiunyan.

Classic conflict between a man and a woman…

The performance «A Man Is Required» is about a search for love. The heroes of the play are two people who feel spiritual emptiness. There are no feelings and any affection inside them. 

Beatrice desires for love. Jan has lost his hope for a real feeling long ago. 

At first Jan evokes an interest in her, and then she experiences a feeling distantly reminding love. Beatrice almost artificially tries to make herself believe that at last it is he. All her methods face to Jan’s cold practicalness. It seems that now she will win and everything will revive both in her soul and in her life. Jan, a little tempted by a probable change in his life, changes sharply and now frankly tries to call in her disgust towards him, maybe he hates himself, but it is too late, nothing can be changed.

The coming of a new guest, who has read Beatrice’s announcement about the searches of a man and who will make her laugh, move her to pity, who will tempt her and will get an award for it, means that the search is still continued. 


“Twenty years old girl-director selected the play of Canadian author K. Freshet, which managed to reflect the truly vivid and truly painful motive of these days – fear to live, fear to love, conscious choice of minimum emotions… 

…So, this was the first step of Lusine Yernjakyan to the stage – firm, emotional, humoristic, and full of fantasy, but also with some shade of feminity.”

Sona Meloyan, “Absence of love is also about the love”, “Golos Armenii”, 04.03.2008


The performance “A Man is Required” is the first performance of young director Lusine Yernjakyan. The detailed and hard work could be perceived immediately. It is amazing how the young girl could give such assignments to her actors, so that they did not play those psychologically hard and complicated, depressed and lonely conditions, but experienced them on the stage so believably and realistically, that it seemed as if that was their life.” 

  1. Makaryan, “Theatrical week is over…”, “Azg”, 27.03.2008


“Début work of Lusine Yernjakyan “A Man is Required” is a psychological drama, where she, as a surgeon, handling the scalpel, opens the abscess of human soul…

The keystone of any artist is to find his actor. Luiza Nersisyan and Arshaluys Harutyunyan are the ideal embodiment of the contrast which managed to present L. Yernjakyan in her performance. “I am a surgeon. I have to hurt people, so that they can feel better later”. This very familiar phrase can precisely characterize the new performance.”

Anna Khristaforyan, “Afisha”, 30.03.2008


“In domestic theatre world a new name of Lusine Yernjakyan appeared. She was awarded annual theatre prize “Artavazd” in the nomination “The best young director” for the performance “A Man is Required”. Her work raises keen interest of the audience, also ensuring “sold out” tickets in Chamber Theatre.”

Ruben Pashinyan, “On my stage is absolute democracy”, “Novoe Vremya”, 25.02.2010


  • 12.03.2008 – Armenia, Yerevan, “A Man is Required” play was presented at 

The Theatrical Week “2007-X”.

  • 27.03.2008 – Armenia, Yerevan. The annual “ARTAVAZD” prize, held by the Theatre Workers Union, was awarded to Lusine Yernjakyan in the nomination as a “Best youngest director” for “A Man is required” play. 


  • 10.10.2008 – Armenia, Yerevan, “A Man is Required” play was presented at the 6th International Performing Arts Festival “HIGHFEST”.


  •  22.11.2008 – Armenia, Yerevan, “A Man is Required” play was presented at the III Republican festival of young theatrical directors.


  • 02.07.2013 – Armenia, Gyumri, The hall of Gyumri state theatre after V. Adjemyan; “A Man is Required” play was presented at the International theatrical festival “Duet” (director of the play Lusine Yernjakyan).


  • 13.06.2017 – As part of the “Cultural Stop” program, initiated by the Ministry of Culture of RA, in the Goris State Drama Theater named after V. Vagharshyan of Syunik region, Yerevan State Chamber Theater presented the performance “A man is required”. Director of the play – L. Yernjakyan. Cast: L. Nersisyan и Honored Artist of RA A. Harutyunyan.