Musical director

In 2006, graduated from the Arno Babajanyan State Musical Pedagogical College.

In 2011 graduated from the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema, faculty of directing feature films.

Completed works:

The movie “Food as I Want,” “Agent 004”, the short film “Honeymoon”, the television series “Answer of Destiny”, “Meeting Place” (Public Television of Armenia), “Street Dogs”, the sitcom “Tandem”, is also a musical the designer of the play “The Prisoner of Northern Avenue” and the composer of the play “The Sword of Iuarshi”.

Since 2012, is a music director of the Yerevan Chamber Theater.

Carried out the musical design of the following performances of the Chamber Theater:

“Governmental concert”, “Anter Ground”, “Armmagedon”, “Declaration of love”, “White storks”, “Show # 3”, “Cabaret Restart”, “No man – no problem”, etc.