Graduated from the College of Foreign Languages and Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography as an Actress of Cinema and Dramatic Theatre.

Acted in “Mer Bak” (“Our Yard”) film and “Hide-And-Seek” TV broadcast.

Participated in single-show performances.

Actress of the Chamber Theatre since 2000.

Participant of numerous theatrical festivals within the Chamber Theatre troop.


28.04.2013 – Luiza Nersisyan was presented to annual National Film Award “HAYAK” in the category “Best Actress” in the film “Jubilee visitor”.

27.03.2015 – The annual award “Artavazd” conducted by the Theatre Union of Armenia, awarded actress Yerevan Chamber Theatre Luisa Nersisyan in the nomination “Best Actress” in the role of Lisa in the play “Amnesia” (directed by Gor Margaryan).