Zhora Hovhannisyan

Date of Birth11․05․1985
Place of BirthVayots Dzor Province, Getap village
EducationYerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography, workshop of Mayis Raphaelyan
Awards2018 - Honorary Diploma from the Ministry of Culture of Armenia

Zhora Hovhannisyan has been an actor at the Chamber Theatre since 2013. He performs in both dramatic and comedic, as well as musical productions, including “Magic Ball,” “Government Concert,” “Cabaret Restart,” “White Storks,” “Show #3,” “Romeo & Juliet,” “Black Box,” “Behind the Scenes, or the Anatomy of the Theatre,” and more.
In addition to his theatrical roles, Zhora Hovhannisyan has appeared in various films and TV projects such as “Towards the Dream,” “Honeymoon,” “Agent 044,” “Meeting Place,” “Full House,” “Domino,” “Our Yard 25 Years Later,” and others.
Zhora founded and serves as the lead vocalist in the musical band “Halva.” He is proficient in several musical instruments, including the flute, drums, and guitar.