The opening ceremony of cultural center “YERKAT” took place in Yerevan State Chamber Theatre on 10.03.2009.

The idea of Ara Yernjakyan, the Artistic Director of Chamber Theatre, to create a club, where representatives of creative intelligentsia would come together to discuss problems and achievements, brought together a great number of stakeholders. Hence, it was possible to actualize the wonderful idea, given the active support of Ministry of Culture of Republic of Armenia.

The Club “YERKAT” has put forward the following objectives:


  • To actively  advocate for our national heritage;
  • To contribute to vast participation of youth in cultural life of our country;
  • To respectively present national cultural centers, emphasizing the importance of their activity;
  • To contribute to reconsideration of current evaluation criteria regarding the activity of creative workers;
  • To create a  united and harmonious cultural environment in Armenia;
  • To support the promotion and growth of creative youth.


Club discussions were highly successful and since January 2010, “Dispute in Club “YERKAT” has been channeled through the cultural TV channel “Ararat” twice a month, as well as through the satellite channel embracing the whole audience of the Public Television of RA.

  1. The opening ceremony of cultural center “YERKAT”. (10.03.2009)
  1. The contemporary Armenian theatre. (09.09.2009)
  1. The tactics and strategy of activity of the club. (22.09.2009)
  1. Repertoire of the theatres and enterprise. (30.09.2009)
  1. Themes further of the meetings and measures of the club. (15.10.2009)
  1. The art and reporters. (28.10.2009)
  1. Rabert Khevondyan. A photographic exhibition. (10.11.2009)
  1. Artur Manukyan. Concert. (11.11.2009)
  1. My Yerevan. (18.11.2009)
  1. Theatre… New time, new problems, new principles. (24.11.2009)
  1. Planning of the of New Year’s Day works. (02.12.2009)
  1. The alchemy and psychoanalysis of the theatre. (09.12.2009)
  1. Modernization of the contemporary theatre. (12.12.2009)
  1. Compendious meeting. (13.12.2009)
  1. Unfinished fouetté… (15.02.2010)
  1. Unfinished fouetté – 2. (06.03.2010)
  1. The contemporary Armenian cinema. (09.03.2010)

4. My Erebuni became Yerevan. (23.03.2010)

  1. Concerto grosso for the orchestra and empty hall. (13.04.2010)
  1. Republican and international theatre festivals. (27.04.2010)
  1. Hero of our time. (14.05.2010)
  1. The new is coming. (05.06.2010)
  1. Second coming of the Armenian rock. (15.06.2010)
  1. Zaruhi Shahinyan. An individual exhibition. (17.09.2010)
  1. Grigor Baghdasaryan. A creative evening of the author’s song. (20.10.2010)
  1. Sergey Danielyan. A creative evening. (17.11.2010)
  1. A charitable exhibition sale of the children’s works. (23.12.2010)
  1. Andrey Bitov. Presentation of collection of the verses. (24.12.2010)


  1. Anna Shahnazaryan (Shana). Personal exhibition. (08.03.2011)
  1. Lilit Pipoyan. Creative night. New project presentation and discussion. (20.04.2011)
  1. II International festival of Comics. “BD-Comics” exhibition. (06.05.2011)
  1. Meeting-debate with the rector of Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema
    Armen Mazmanian. (19.05.2011)
  1. Republican festival “Theatre Х” – discoveries, achievements, perspectives. (28.05.2011)
  1. Leading expert Arusyak Sahakian presented a report on “National art – a new era, the old approaches”. (17.06.2011)
  1. Creative meeting with well-known poetess Sona Van. (19.07.2011)
  1. Ararat Minasyan. An exhibition under the title “Refleksus”. (17.09.2011)
  1. Zareh Ter Karapetyan. Celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Honored Artist. (27.09.2011) 
  1. Hasmik Ter Karapetyan. Presentation of the book “Letter to my father, the address – a paradise”. (28.09.2011)
  1. Hasmik Baghdasaryan, Vahan Artsruni. “Mashtots. Sacred pearls” CD presentation  (16.10.2011)

Singer Hasmik Baghdasaryan, composer Vahan Artsruni and director of Union Arts “Narek” Narek Harutyunyan presented CD “Mashtots. Sacred pearls” (Mashtots’s 11 psalms, V century). Listening organically supplemented foto sesion Hakob Hovhannisyan.

  1. Playwright Karine Khodikyan presented her audiobook “I returned, forget” (02.11.2011)

Playwright Karine Khodikyan presented her audiobook “I returned, forget” (“Cellophane happiness”). Actress Annette Harutyunyan and Tatevik Melkonyan read excerpts from the play, then on the scene were invited Karine Khodikyan, director Anna Bayatyan, producer Ruben Pashinyan, and the discussion began.

  1. Youth Theatrical Republican Festival “Gisane”. (13.12.2011)

Club “YERKAT” with a great interest watched Youth Theatrical Republican Festival “Gisane”, which was held on 10-21 of November in Yerevan. This festival is almost unique possibility for students to show the creative ideas and possibilities, and which is very important for the further career, to be noticed by the leading masters of the Armenian theater.

  1. Summarizing of creative activity of club “YERKAT”. (27.12.2011)

Club “YERKAT” has ended one more year of creative activity which was marked by realization of numerous interesting, creative ideas.  Also we have expanded a circle of constant members and active participants.


  1. Rudolph Kharatyan. Personal exhibition (28.02.2012).
  1. tatron.info_ First online Theatre Award (20.03.2012).
  1. Arturo Sayan. Presentation of the book “Nonsense of the clown”. Debate subject – “Stereotypes in Art”. (26.03.2012). 
  2. Debate on the topic “Television – a best friend or a tool for brainwashing” (27.04.2012).
  1. Hachik Ekhikyan, Gegam Gegamyan and David Sargsyan. Exhibition of students of a final year of Yerevan Academy of Arts (02.05.2012).
  1. Subject discussion “At the deadlock of professional prospect” took place at the initiative of National Theatrical Creative Association (23.05.2012).
  1. 155 years since the birth of the famous Armenian actress Siranuysh. Was presented mono play “Silence” by Asmik Ter-Karapetyan (25.05.2012).
  1. Petros Lagesyan and Edward Melikian. The photo exhibition “The bright dreams”.

FREEZELIGHT technique show (01.06.2012).

  1. The Club “YERKAT” has become a laboratory for a very non-standard and creative project of consulting company “ARLIAN” and “Real” psychological theater of Sargis Arzumanyan (25.09.2012).
  1. In the Club “YERKAT” discussion of the project “Program support young directors” – by initiative of the National Theatrical Creative Association.

At the scene were invited artistic director and director of the Puppet Theatre Ruben Babayan and the young director Armen Margaryan, who detailed the project and answered questions on the details (06.11.2012).

  1. In the club “YERKAT” summarizing recently concluded VII Festival of Young Directors, organized by the Union of Theatrical Workers of Armenia.
    At the scene were invited journalist, member of the organizing committee of the festival Sona Meloyan and theatrical Levon Mutafyan (16.11.2012).
  1. Presentation of Varujan Voskanyan’s “The Book of Whispers” book in the club “YERKAT”.

Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan behalf of the Government and all Armenian people handed Varuzhan Voskanyan medal named after William Saroyan.

At the meeting was also attended the Deputy Minister of Culture Arev Samuelyan, chairman of the Writers’ Union Levon Ananyan, and many of the most prominent representatives of the national literature (20.11.2012).

13. Today we celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the permanent member of the club “YERKAT” Internet site AAD (Armenia, Artsakh and Diaspora). Congratulate aad.am and its founder Mamikon Khurshudian the club “YERKAT” came the Ministries of Diaspora, Culture and Defense, famous actors, singers, musicians, and business representatives (04.12.2012).

14. Publishing of “Antares” in conjunction with the club, “YERKAT” held a ceremony of awarding the winners of the prestigious competition “Prose of 2012”.
Evening brilliantly held leading man organically combined the theater and literary creation, Hovhannes Tekgezyan (18.12.2012).




  1. Playwright Seda Stepanyan, artistic director of Goris drama theater Gor Margaryan and actress Frida York with assistance of  “Open Society Foundation Armenia” and the Club “YERKAT” presented the monoperformance “Striptease” (23.04.2013).

  1. In “YERKAT” Club took place awarding and closing ceremony of the 6th Republican Festival “Theatre X” (02.05.2013).

  1. In the Club “YERKAT” was opened an exhibition entitled “Step” of students of Yerevan State Academy of Arts Lusine Hakobyan, Tamar Asatryan, Greta Harutyunyan, Gayane Baghdasaryan, Ani Mkheyan and Anna Amirkhanian (29.05.2013).

  1. In the Club “YERKAT” was opened the photo exhibition of works Sargis Hovhannisyan, Hayk Bianjyan and Ruben Pashinyan, under the title “Three Views on Yerevan” (05.06.2013).

  1. Young director Harutyun Galfayan and actress Anush Galstyan with assistance of the Club “YERKAT” was presented the performance “About you” (11.06.2013).

  1. Club “YERKAT” – “Triada” – exhibition of young artists Gore Gyurjyan Sargis Baghdasaryan and Narek Saroyan (25.06.2013).

  1. In the club “YERKAT” was the presentation of the poetic collection “Pieces” and artistic works (collages and photographs) of Narine Qaramyan.

An important role in this project has played a creative group «P. R. Creative Teamwork» under the direction of Ruben Pashinyan (14.09.2013).

  1. Club “YERKAT” continues a series of creative meetings with famous artists. Today, a guest of the club became famous actor, showman Grant Tokhatyan. At a meeting with him, came not only permanent members of the club, the students of the acting department of the Institute of film and theater, but also that we are particularly happy, members of youth amateur theater troupes (14.11.2013).

  1. Meeting with the famous film director Vigen Chaldranyan club “YERKAT” attracted many participants. Interest is not random, because Chaldranyan – extremely interesting person as a pro in his business (actor, screenwriter, director, producer) (21.11.2013).

  1. This year the club “YERKAT” concluded a very interesting creative experiment: the famous actor and director Samson Stepanyan with the active support of the club and non-professional actors (Individuum Casting Studio), staged the play “Orchestra” by Jean Anouilh (28.12.2013).




  1. Cultural Center “YERKAT” together with the youth organization “Young artists” organized a presentation poetry collection of David Asatryan “Return to forever” (08.04.2014).

  1. Club “YERKAT” was presented the performance of the young director Satenik Shatiryan “Two on the swing” by William Gibson. This performance at 2013 was awarded the Presidential Award (27.04.2014).

  1. Exhibition entitled “Yerevan yesterday and today”, organized by the club “YERKAT” aroused great interest among viewers, because all we are concerned and care about what happens to our city in terms of destruction of historical monuments. No less shocking dominance ugly, illiterate signage “decorating” the facades of our buildings. As noted by the authors exposure Ruben Pashinyan and Marianna Meliqsetyan if events develop in a similar vein, very soon, we will not only cease to recognize our city, but also talk about our history to be completely unsubstantiated.

Architecture, as we know, is the art of creating habitat, which in turn affects the physical and mental condition of people living in it. What habitat awaits our children and grandchildren with our acquiescence and connivance – the question is, which probably everyone in this day left the club “Yerkat” (06.06.2014).

  1. Cultural center “Yerkat’ and the publishing house “Antares” presented the novel of Diana Hambardzumian “Knocking at the door”, which raises a very painful topic for us, as a result of emigration and the loss of our national identity (24.06.2014).

  1. One of the important activity programs of the club “Yerkat” is to promote creative activities of young people.

The play “Obligate condition” of the young director Norayr Yeghian based on the play John Priestley “Rose and Crown” fits perfectly into the concept. A group of enthusiasts – Norayr Yeghiyan and sophomores of Yerevan Institute of Theatre, quite independently took up quite a difficult job, and this fact alone is worth a lot. Everything was done on their own, starting with the translation into the Armenian language, and the last props.

After watching the heated discussion took place, known theater critics shared with the guys for your comments and wishes, which are very important for their further creative growth (26.07.2014).

  1. Presentation of new collections of essays “Attempts & Temptations” and poems “Chansons et Essoufflements” well-known diplomat, poet, composer and performer Ashot Aleksanyan in the Cultural center “Yerkat” (06.08.2014).

  1. In the club “Yerkat” was an exhibition titled “Harmony of color”. 5 students Gyumri Branch of the Academy of Fine Arts under the guidance of Geghama Aleksanyan presented their works (09.09.2014).

  1. Within the festival «Highfest», club “Yerkat” organized the performance “WWW.AMPHIBIA.COM” of the young talented actor and director Harutyun Galfayan, based on Hovhannes Tekgyozyan’s play “The Amphibian Man”(04.10.2014).

  1. In the club “YERKAT” audiences gathered at the screening of the documentary Nicholay Davtyan’s “Code of Gurdjiev” (31.10.2014)

  1. In the club “Yerkat” was a performance and creative evening amateur choir “Autumn voice” of the Association of old Yerevan citizens. The average age of the participants of this wonderful collective over 70 years (18.11.2014)

  1. Today at the club “Yerkat” a new friend and partner – “People’s University of Literature and Art,” which history has more more than 40 years. Visiting the club was founder and director of the University Yuri Hovhannisyan and students of the university (26.11.2014)

  1. Presentation of the book Liana Galstyan “Do you remember him?”.

Discussion participated: the poet Aram Gyurjyan, poet, author of the program “along the path of light” Hovhannes Shant, singer Arsen Hamparian, who graced the evening excellent performance, writers Nara Sose, Gohar and others (06.12.2014)

  1. 165 years ago on stage for the first time published the first Armenian actress Arusyak Papazian. A woman who has lived a rich creative life – Awarded unceasing applause on stage and poverty and took up an incredibly difficult task – to return to the descendants of memory neglect at the end of life. The talented actress Hasmik Hasmik Ter-Karapetyan, with the active support of the club “Yerkat” took up an incredibly difficult task – to return to the descendants of memory and pride for the Star, who ascended 165 years ago on the horizon of the Armenian theater and further enrich and ennoble it.

Heavy, hard work to create a performance that lasted for months and was successfully completed on December 14, Hasmik Ter-Karapetyan went on stage in the role of the Chamber of tetra Arusyak in the play “The veil of time”. Standing ovation tears in the eyes of the audience showed that Hasmik managed to lift the curtain of time and show us Arusyak Papazian’s triumph and tragedy (14.12.2014)




  1. Over the years the club “Yerkat” many times organized the book presentation, however, the presentation of the poetry collection Hovhannes Shant “Kenats mardkutyan” has gone beyond the usual framework and turned into creative evening of the author (10.02.2015).

  1. Club “Yerkat” presented photoproject “History of one room” of promising young photographer Emin Aristakesyan (21.02.2015).

  1. The literary-musical composition “We will return”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey (28.04.2015).

  1. Meeting with the director of the circus “Yerevan”, the founder of the legendary circus dynasty Sos Petrosyan (12.05.2015).

  1. Presentation of the book of writer Nare Sose “On this side of the border” (14.05.2015).

  1. During the seven-year history of the club “Yerkat” gathered here today for the first time exclusively lovers of humor and satire. Club “Yerkat” together with the literary association “Garoun” organized the evening in honor of the famous humorist Grant Horizon, on the eve of his 88th birthday (04.06.2015).

  1. In the club “Yerkat” a meeting-debate. The discussion was around the research and ideas of the famous historian, philosopher Gurgen Karapetyan, stated in his book “World recognition”.

The evening began with tezisno Gurgen Karapetyan report on the results of his research in recent years. Then began an exchange of views, which quickly turned into a sharp dispute (30.10.2015).

  1. Poetry evening – 140 anniversary of the great Ukrainian poet Avetik Isahakyan. The main person in the evening, was the USSR and the People’s Arist of RA Varduhi Varderesyan whose soulful recitation once again delighted the audience. At the concert we were also popular actress of Armenia Greta Mezhlumyan and Magda Mkrtchyan, cellist David Voskanyan, actress Agnes Shahbazyan and many others (17.11.2015).

  1. Presentation of the novel “Prison for Freedom” of the young writer Ruben Ishkhanyan (27.11.2015).

  1. Young  elocutionists and musicians of “Vogeartonk” held a literary-musical evening “Autumn Etude” (30.11.2015).




  1. For the 7th year the cultural center “Yerkat” promotes youth collectives, organizing their concerts and expanding their audiences.

Today “Yerkat”, presented the audience a very interesting kind of folk-group “Vostan” under the guidance Gayane Abelian. The group’s performance was held under the applause (29.03.2016).

  1. Club “Yerkat”, together with the association “Vogezartonk”, organized meeting entitled “The role of women in the modern world”. Latest events in Artsakh changed pre-made program. The evening began with a minute of silence in memory of our fallen heroes. In addition to the main report, sounded patriotic songs. At the end of the evening a group of several permanent members of the club “Yerkat” departed in Mardakert, taking with them the blessing of Armenian mothers of our soldiers (04.05.2016).

  1. In the club “Yerkat” held a meeting with the RA national artist of Republic of Armenia Rafael Qotanjyan. In the hall gathered the students – future actors, the permanent members of the club “Yerkat”, as well as numerous students of National University of Literature and Art.

Rafael Qotanjyan spoke about his creative way, about various amusing incidents from his biography, and then gladly answered numerous questions from the audience (19.04.2016).

  1. In the club “Yerkat” first presentation-performance: Ruben Pashinyan, head of the creative team of PR Creative Teamwork, together with a group of co-authors, presented a collection of short stories under the heading “Blokada.am”. Present authors read their stories by candlelight – the impression was enormous (30.04.2016).

  1. Every year, these days in the club “Yerkat” all those who participated and remember the war 90-s.

In the hall there were soldiers, representatives of intelligentsia. The guys from literary group of society “Vogezartonk” presented little staging, then Anna Kostanyan read poetry, as well as a Sophie Muradyan’s “And his heart was in the mountains” new book was presented. The evening memorable and emotional at the same time, with concrete and pragmatic speeches (01.06.2016).

  1. In the first Russian-Armenian literary “Cultural Dialogue” festival, club “Yerkat” organized a meeting with the participation of Armenian and Russian writers and journalists (28.06.2016).

  1. Meeting in the club “Yerkat” began with a ceremony of conferring the honorary title of member of the club “Yerkat” poet Hovhannes Shantou and illustrator Naira Aharonian. Then playwright Gevorg Shahinyan presented his new “The Curse of Cleopatra” play. Then he turned to the many challenges faced by contemporary Armenian theater. It began a stormy discussion, which was attended by actor Harutyun Movsisyan, director Ashot Sargsyan, poet Suren Grigor and others. As always meeting was very active and constructive (27.09.2016).

  1. Club “Yerkat” presented a concert-lecture entitled “Armenian mystery of an ancient instrument”. Poet Hovhannes Shant presented the history of the accordion, and about the creator of this wonderful instrument Kyrill Demyan. Group of accordionists “Armenopolis” performed works by Bach, Vivaldi, and, for the first time on the Armenian stage, performed works of Komitas, adapted for the accordion (29.11.2016).

  1. Club “Yerkat” promotes creativity of young people. Students presented to us a wonderful evening of jazz music under the headline “Antistress”. There were original songs David Sahakyan, performed by the author, designer Marianna Harutyunyan and mathematician Gor Ketchyan. Also famous hits were performed. The evening ended with a jam session with the participation of the guests of Club “Yerkat” (06.12.2016).

  1. Nikolay Davtyan’s popular-science film “Qar-ktik” has been featured in the Club “Yerkat”. The film tells the story of sacred knowledge, cleverly hidden in our games. After the demonstration began a stormy discussion with the filmmakers, which lasted about half an hour (13.12.2016)