Some Love Stories

Author and director of the play – Ara Yernjakyan.

Musical – amusing show

First played on 11/05/2008 in Yerevan.

Amount of the acts – 2.

This is a short joyful, musical, colorful fairy tale about love.

The performance consists of six parts, two acts, one interval; each act consists of three parts. The duration of the performance is 2 hours.

Each part of six parts of the performance presents one country.

All the pats to each other, gracefully changing from one to another.


The plot of each part is too simple – this is a short joyful, musical, colorful fairy tale about love.

Two persons love each other, there appears an outside power, which tries to prevent this love, and then the knight comes who helps the loving couple and the happy end. This simple plot at first glance repeating in each part joins all the countries by appealing to the victory of the great feeling, which will save the world.  The motto of the performance is – “One shouldn’t give up his hope, even in very desperate situations there is way out”! In legends and myths of each nation, there are heroes who come to help those who need it, and the creators of the project “Some Love Stories” use just this fact.

Each country presented with its national costumes; attributes used in staging characterize the national color; music and dances accordingly are chosen. Some phrases, which are in music, 

are pronounced on the language of the country, which is presented, in the exact part and there is no need in translation.