The performance by the play of Edvard Radzinsky

“Theatre of the times of Nero and Seneca”

Director of the play – Ara Yernjakyan

First played on 15.10.2005 in Yerevan

 “Nero” – Intellectual philosophical performance. The trial, unlimited power, cruelty of modern conscious.

The act is taking place on the stage, resembling the arena of the circus where the Emperor Nero thought to play the Performance taking the main part for him and his teacher – philosopher Seneca.

And here in the same cage senator Antony Phlabia, who has completely forfeited his by-gone might and now resemblances the shabby old gelding and his slaves, who thanks to metamorphoses of Tyrant first turned to his brother Britannic, then to his wife, after his mother, then to his mistress and so on.

The judge of this original performance must be Diogenes from the barrel to whom at the end of the performance the greatest honor fells on him to be crucified, as Prometheus, instead of Seneca.

In this Phantasmagoria dead are found as alive. The greatest thoughtlessness is that that “The supreme humanist has brought up the greatest assassinator”.


“Theatre of Nero and Seneca Times”  during  The Chamber Theatre’s performance the audience is afraid to sing loudly not to disturb the rhythm of action, that is spread on the stage and going through the audience.”

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Riga, St. Petersburg, Kiev.


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