Jubilee Visitor

Psychological drama

Author and director of the play – Ara Yernjakyan.

First played on November 20, 2008 in Yerevan.

Chances that can change destinies. 

A usual love game with an unusual end.

The action takes place in the woman’s apartment

A classical conflict of a man and a woman, which reaches real absurd.

After a passionate night, the man decides to leave silently without letting the woman know. And he would of course have left, if he had found his cloths before the heroine woke up.

However the woman, who wakes up under the impression of the passionate flirt, does not know anything about the intentions of the hero and continuous to be courteous and caring towards the strange but already beloved person.  

And here starts the first of sudden conversions. 

The man should leave.

Naturally, there comes a flow of emotions, unexpectedness, insult…

But the woman’s instinct of self-protection makes her to play a game to conceal the insult and she pretends that the man has spent the night with a whore, who sells love to anyone; however he does not have to pay as he is a jubilee client and is served for free.

This incident raises another flow of emotions and passions.

The man, who had come to that city for a surgical operation, decides to stay and spend probably the last day surrounded by love and care. 

Incredible transitions and psychological conflicts, sudden outbursts, love and disappointment, regret and happiness, sharp and frank dialogues all in one hour.

Rule of chance, which is capable to change the destiny: ordinary flirt and unusual denouement.

  • 20.02.2009 – Armenia, Yerevan. “Jubilee visitor” play was presented at The Theatrical festival “2008-X”.
  • 27.03.2009 – The annual “Artavazd” prize was awarded to Ara Yernjakyan in the nomination “Best dramatic play” for “Jubilee Visitor” (“Receipt of Uzbek pilaf”) dramatic play, held by the Union of Theatre Workers.