Government Concert


Nerses Markosyan
Senik Barseghyan
Anna Manucharyan
Eva Khachatryan
Ani Grigoryan
Andranik Harutyunyan
Zhora Hovhannisyan
Zhora Martirosyan

This play involves actors and actresses, singers, soloists, magicians, masters of original genre, representatives of classical and contemporary art, horse and deer trainers, winners of various contests, graduates, debutants, readers, “Ovtashushan” choir, as well as Swiss. Artists-virtuosos and various dance ensembles.
Also, there might be an unexpected visit from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.
Pregnant women and nursing mothers are advised not to watch the play, especially the part about dinosaurs. There will also be surprises and prizes. Outside the program, those who wish can enjoy strong and not so strong drinks.


Ara Ernjakyan
Dramaturg & Director