Rafayel Eranosyan
Ani Lupe
Senik Barseghyan

A “time machine” was created by stage convention, easily performing miracles. And here we are in Ancient Egypt, beside the pharaohs. The audience sitting in the hall, somehow surviving a nuclear catastrophe, is offered to board spacecraft. However, an Egyptian appears and loudly announces that boarding is delayed for 2 hours, and three uninvited guests are given the opportunity to talk about themselves, about the universal, about evil and good, right and wrong, whose eternal struggle moves life forward.
A unique dialogue with the audience begins, dedicated to one of the most important problems of modern times: the responsibility of the generation for the fate of the planet, for the nervous, often terrifying mosaic life of today’s world. This is the confession of the arrogant, stubborn, cynical, impudent, and reckless children of the 21st century.
A huge amount of information, a large number of witty expressions, unexpected content transitions make the audience engage in the action on stage from the first exclamation, enticing them with an unusual form of dialogue (through the auditorium), emphasized rhythm, aided not only by lighting, musical, and plastic means, but also by the text itself throughout is kept in a strict rhythm, reminiscent of a poem in prose.
A political pamphlet, a show on international themes, a satirical panorama, problems of spiritual poverty in the modern world, devaluation of feelings such as love, kindness, justice, morals.
This play is notable for its semantic significance, anti-war, and peace message.
The play “Gentlemen…” is about the youth searching for answers to many contemporary questions. Filled with humor and music, this play engages in an honest conversation with the audience, dissuading them from indifference, spiritual poverty, emotional depreciation, and passivity, otherwise, disaster is inevitable. 


Ara Yernjakyan 
Dramaturg and Director