Deadline – Seven Days

In 1990-1991, the Chamber Theatre created the film called “Deadline – Seven Days”, in which starred: Nora Armani (USA) and Ashot Adamyan (Armenia).

Written and directed by Ara Yernjakyan.


Man and woman: their meeting, love and parting against the background of going to ruins from lie and violence city.

Theme as old as the world.

Well, “Earth is round and that’s why to go forward in reality means to revert back…” 

That is why nobody is surprised with legionaries in the streets, 30 silver coins, receiving, the pupils is to sign in register, and the newly brought to light himself the Prophet, crucified in the modern operating-room…

Alas, each generation is suitable to its teachers.

And each has its own 7 days before the DELUGE…

1991- The film premiered in the Yerevan State Movie House.

1992- Demonstration of the film by the central TV station in the program “Elite movies”

1992- The film was shown in the Moscow Central Movie House.

1992- Soviet film festival “Kinotavr-92”, Sochi.

1992- International Moscow Film Festival “Debut”, Movie/Debut Diploma

1992- The 6th American Film Institute International Film Festival-92.

A Tribute to Armenian cinema (USA)

1992- American Film Institute at the Kennedy Center, Washington (USA)

1992- 8-Ost-West Film Fest Wiesbaden (Germany)

1993- 16th Annual Portland International Film Festival (USA)

1993- Festival/Competition Movie debut in the Movie House, Yerevan

1995- Premiered on Armenian television.