Andranik Harutyunyan

Date of Birth08․03․1982
Place of BirthTavush Region, c. Dilijan
Awards2011 - Honorary Diploma from the Ministry of Culture of Armenia

Andranik Harutyunyan began his career at the Chamber Theatre in 2003, initially as a stage worker, gradually becoming involved in children’s plays. His first role was in the play “Trulya-lya.” From 2005, he was fully engaged in almost all repertoire plays of the theater, including “Nazar, Nazar till the End,” “Nero,” “Anter Ground,” “Cabaret,” “Sassoon David Copperfield,” “Albania +,” “Government Concert,” “Armmageddon,” “Every Day is New Year,” “Call of the Fireflies,” “Very Love Story,” “Scotch and Whiskey,” “To Arms,” “Miss Armenia,” and others.
Andranik Harutyunyan has also participated in numerous sketch plays, including “Stop,” “No Comment,” “Glamorous Shepherds,” “Kit-Kat,” “Tie Me to the Bed,” “Boomerang,” “Family Without a Roof,” “Counting Chicks in Autumn,” “The Situation Has Changed in the Building,” “Don’t Tell a Fairy Tale,” and more.
Andranik is more widely known to the audience through TV projects and comedy films. He has acted in sitcoms such as “Alabalanitsa,” “Super Mom 1, 2,” “Circus Groom,” “My Big Armenian Wedding,” “Unsuccessful,” “Aramma,” “Sitcom,” “Big Story in a Small Town,” “Kargin Series,” “Zhanna,” “Kargin Show,” “32 Teeth,” as well as “Kargin Sketches,” “Khopan’s Theory,” “La Casa de Papa,” “Karankyuni,” “Long Ago,” and “To Be or Not to Be.” The actor has also hosted programs like “Who Are They,” “Good Morning,” “From Here and There” on various TV channels and radio stations.
Andranik Harutyunyan is also a humorous singer in projects such as “Deputy’s Show” and “Android.” Additionally, he serves as a television producer.