Ara Yernjakyan

Ara Yernjakyan is the founder and artistic director of the Yerevan State Chamber Theatre, playwright.

Honorary Title of People’s Artist of the Republic of Armenia.

(People’s artist of RA)

Сandidate of Arts Science.

Born in Yerevan Armenia, 02/03/1951.

In 1974, graduated from Yerevan State Polytechnic University-Technical Cybernetics department and 1983 graduated from Yerevan State Theatre/artistic University and got master degree as a director.

1971-1972 The KVN team created by A. Yernjakyan for the first time presented Armenia at the All-Union KVN Games in Moscow, reaching the final.

In 1976, the “Male Club” was founded, which has a specific theatrical orientation.

In 1982, he founded the “Yerevan State Chamber Theatre” and since has been its art director. Yerevan State Chamber Theatre subsequently successfully performed on the stages in our country and abroad and became the winner of several reputable international festivals.

Yernjakyan is the author of more than 50 plays, 10 screenplays, and a number of scientific works.

1992-1995 թթ.

 numerous television projects were realized by order of Nork (Yerevan), ORT (Moscow) and ArmeniaToday TV companies.

1996 – 2000 թթ.

In 1996, Ara Yernjakyan organized the first national beauty competition – “Miss Armenia”.

Which  successfully conducted up to the year 2000.

1998-2001 թթ

Yernjakyan worked as Head of the Department of Culture, Sports and Youth of the Yerevan Municipality.

In 2004, A. Yernjakyan  presented his book – “Pessimistic Comedies” which included a number of plays, research essays and work on the System of Identification and was held in the Yerevan State Chamber Theatre.

The defense of the dissertation of Ara Yernjakyan was held, for the degree of Candidate of Art Criticism and the topic was «The interpretation of Horatio’s character as a metamorphosis of the ancient greek choir» 

He has carried out more than 50 staging in different theatres, dozens of great open-air presentations as well as movies – “Deadline – Seven Days” (1990), “Armenicum UPSA” (1999),


In 1998, he created the “ERKAT-TV production” (“YAN-TV”) company and the TV programs have been shown on different TV channels.

In 2004, the presentation of his book – “Pessimistic Comedies” (I piece, in Russian language) was held in the Yerevan State Chamber Theatre.

In 2005, A.Yernjakyan was awarded a medal “Artavazd”, for outstanding achievements in the field of theatrical art.

In 2007, the annual “Artavazd” prize was awarded to Ara Yernjakyan in the nomination “Best play” for “To Arms!” play, held by the Union of Theatre Workers of Armenia. 

In 2008, has been divulged Ara Yernjakyan’s “Pessimistic Comedies” (II, III, IV pieces, in Armenian language) book. It contains dramatic plays, research essays “Who is who in the Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet” and “Identification System”.

In 2009, theannual “Artavazd” prize was awarded to Ara Yernjakyan in the nomination “Best dramatic play” for “Jubilee Visitor” dramatic play, held by the Union of Theatre Workers of Armenia. 

In April 2009, Ara Yernjakyan took part at a meeting of Shakespeare’s commission on “Boris Pasternak and Shakespeare”, the Scientific Council of “History of world culture” at the Russian Academy of Sciences, with the report “On the interpretation of image of Horatio in Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”.
01.2011–Shooting of the film “Anniversary client”. Scriptwriter and director- AraYernjakyan.

May 24, 2012 –Defended ofthe thesis forthe degree of Candidateof ArtSciencesAraYernjakyanon “The Interpretation of Horatio’s character as a metamorphosis of the Ancient Greek Choir” specialty “Theatrical art, film and television”. Scientific Head –Doctor of Arts, Professor HenrikHovhannisyan.Вy the Resolution of RA Supreme Certifying Commission Fine Arts – 016 Specialized Council Ara H. Yernjakyan has been awarded the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D) in Arts. 

14.02.2013- AraYernjakyanawarded the Medal ofGrigor Narekatsi.

2013–Ara Yernjakyan directed short film “Eclipse”. The film is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. Scriptwriter and director- AraYernjakyan.

On March 27 2014 in the International Day of the theater, during the event of an Annual National Theatrical Award of Armenia “Artavazd” dedicated to the 90th anniversary of  H. Ghaplanyan and carried out by the Union of Theatrical Figures of Armenia, Ara Yernjakyan was awarded “A Special Main Award of H. Ghaplanyan”.

2014–Ara Yernjakyan shotfeatur film “Jeanne”. Scriptwriter and director- AraYernjakyan.

Ara Yernjakyan took part in the 34th World Congress of the International Theatre Institute, UNESCO, held in Yerevan from 17 to 22 November 2014.

2015 July – Ara Yernjakyan was the chairman of the jury in the competition films of Armenian directors “Armenian Panorama” of the 12th Yerevan International Film Festival “Golden Apricot”.

26.03.2016 – Performance “Confession of Love” (author and director of the play – Ara Yernjakyan) of Yerevan Chamber Theatre, by special decision of the Jury of Annual Theatre Award “Artavazd – 2016”, conducted by the Union of Theatre Workers of Armenia, received the award “Artavazd” as “The Best Theatrical Project” of the year.

2016, September – In Moscow, published Ara Yernjakyan’s book “Horatio’sSecret” (“Who is Who” in the William Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”).

The book of well-known film director, playwright and scientist Ara Yernjakyan devoted to the most mysterious and unexplored personage of William Shakespeare – Horatio.

This work is of great interest to scholars of the great English dramatist and can be the impetus for the revision of some of entrenched views on the famous peace.

17.09.2016 – In connection with the 25th anniversary Independence of the Republic of Armenia,

for his outstanding contribution to the theater art, artistic director of the Yerevan State Chamber Theatre Ara Yernjakyan was awarded The Honorary Title of People’s Artist of the Republic of Armenia.

08.10.2016 – On the event of 2798th anniversary of the capital, for significant contribution to the cultural life and theatrical art of Yerevan and productive activity Mayor of Yerevan awarded “Argishti I” order to the director, playwright, RA Honored Art Worker, RA People’s artist, art director of Yerevan State Chamber Theater Ara Yernjakyan.

Ara Yernjakyan is the secretary of the Theatre Workers Union, member of the Union of Moviemakers and Union of Writers as well as the president of the “Armenia-Cyprus” community.

Ara Yernjakyan is also laureate of many movie and theatre festivals.

1973 – “Seven Jokes about Armenia”
1976 – “Gentlemen everything is collapsing but We Can Still Live and Have Fun”
1982 – “Alchemist” (“A Tale about the Prince and the Girl that didn’t believe in Tales”)
1982 – “An Ordinary Concert”
1982 – “Pictures from the Exhibition”
1983 – “The Wolf and the Seven Goats, or Once Again About Goats”
1984 – “An Etude about Women”
1985 – “Yerevan Days’ Chronicles”
1985 – “Purgatory” 
1988 – “Hayk”

1990 – “Hayr Mer”
1993 – “Es Im Anush Hayastani”
1997 – “Cabaret”
1998 – “Anter Ground”
1999 – “Titanic Made in Armenia”
2001 –  “David Copperfield of Sassoon” (“The Saw of Death”)
2001 – “Miss Armenia Hellish Comedy”
2002 – “Linsi Show Program” (“Albany +”)
2004 –  “Royal Concert”
2004 – “Sonata for Solo Violoncello”

2006 – “To Arms!”
2006 –“Call of the fireflies”
2007 – “Armmageddon”
2008 –“Some Love Stories”
2008 –  “Jubilee visitor” (“Recept of uzbek pilaff”)
2012 – ““Gentlemen everything is collapsing but We Can Still Live and Have Fun” (in Armenian language)
2013 – “Magic Bal”

1987 – “Hot August of 1968”
1990 – “Birth Certificate”
1990 –  “Deadline – 7 days”
1999 – “Armenicum UPSA”
2001 – “A Story about Three Crimes”
2011 – “Anniversary Client”

2011 – “The Last Waltz of mammoths”
2011 – “Flood”
2011 –  “Jeanne d’Arc’sMysrery”
2001 – “Eclipse”

“Yerevan Chamber Theatre is one of the most attended theatres. Impertinent, witty, joyous-this is the way it started its creative activities over 20 years ago. And this is how it is till today. The audience, whose taste and preference fall particularly on this theatre, like it and may feel such an excitement as sport’s fans, when their favorite team is playing.

…The actors of Chamber theatre are young, this is why they play and live on the stage easily, inartificially and joyfully. They create optimistic, cheerful scenes. This is the main peculiarity of the favorite offspring of Yernjakyan, a specific dominant of his creative path. His plays are festivals-a little romantic, a little ironic”.

Natalia Gomtsyan, “Impertinent, witty, joyous”, “Golos Armenia” 15.07.2003